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New continuous form rolling process will eliminate common wire cuts and wire disengagement problems. Form rolling will create larger area allowing easy and more efficient cleaning process to eliminate foreign object that are commonly stuck in the coiled wire bar. Form rolling allows various thread shapes to maximize toner retention volume to get the highest quality product every time.

Wire Bar                  D-bar? Prone to clogging
? Wire cut or wire displacement

Wire Bar                  D-bar ? Free from premature wire cut or wire displacement
? Shape that reduces clogging and facilitates cleaning

 D-Bar will make to product development with customers.


The contact about the D-Bar we welcome your suggestions and demand by the contact way of telephone, FAX, as
       Address:8-24, Tedori, Kaminagayama-cho Toyokawa-City. Aichi Pref.
       TEL:0533-92-1511 FAX:0533-92-1512

 ■ The possible manufacture scope
 Material texture low carbon steel stainless and others
 Total length:~3000mm
 standard of the groove is 45 degree

 If you have opinions about othe shapes, we are sincere looking
 forward to your contact

Technical information (PDF file)


The contact about the E-Roll, we welcome your distinguished suggestions, demand with the contact way as
       Address:8-24, Tedori, Kaminagayama-cho Toyokawa-City. Aichi
       TEL:0533-92-1511 FAX:0533-92-1512

Two types of design are 1) Line Head (LH) having the area of torque transmission on the outer circumference of a screw head and 2) Line Recess (LR) having the area of torque transmission in the recessed area of a screw head.

Our unique driving tool design is meeting the increased demand to improve efficiency and productivity from continuous miniaturization of electronic prodacts.

Introducing the New Revolutionized NO CAM-OUT cross recess. New recess design naming it the "QuaStix" to our LHSTIX series.

D-Bar is non-wire coaterbar which was developed by improving wire bar broadly used in film, paper, and glass industries. OSG's technology of manufacturing D-Bar has contributed to developing it.

Small diameter gavure roll. Any shape can be manufacutured to fit machine.

To confirm the color of gravure ink and the coating thickness. Free from premature wire cut or wire displacement because of Non-wire coater bar.

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