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LHSTIX? screw concept is the result of effort to find maximum efficiency and balance in fastening.
Two types of design are 1) Line Head (LH) having the area of torque transmission on the outer circumference of a screw head and 2) Line Recess (LR) having the area of torque transmission in the recessed area of a screw head.

A): LH and LR include specific tapered angle between the driving tools and screw head design to create
   positive engagement between them.
B): LH-S, LH-SS, LR-S, LS and LX does not have specific tapered angle between the driving tool and screw
   head design.
C): ULR, Ultra Line Recess, for the miniature screw group and
D): LOCKSTAR? with ULR design for the construction industry.
E): 5 wings, 3 wings(Microstix), tamper proof screws cannot be loosened using commercially available
   screw drivers.













Special Power Bits

  The bolt head at the small driving angle can be made smaller and thinner.

The features of LH-SS thin head

1)Maximum torque transmission is achieved from 0 degree driving angle design.
2)Screw head diameter is 80% of the hex specification.
3)Screw head height is 60% of the hex specification.
4)Screw head mass weight is 50% of the hex specification.
5)Available high durability of tightening tools.
6)Allows much smaller thin screw head dimension.

In an age of "light, thin, short, and small," screws also must be smaller than ever. Industries are now even demanding screws in sizes measured in microns. To provide a valuable solution to such difficult demands, OSG Corporation has developed an ultra-small precision screw, the "Micro Stix." The combination of the three-wing, ultra-line-recessed screw and an ultra-high-precision bit(also a new OSG development), permits tightening to a higher degree of precision than ever thought possible. These new developments from OSG are highly valued across a wide range of industries, for the contributions they will make to product development.

1. No cam-out
2. No driving force
3. High workability
4. High torque transmission
5. High precision bits
6. Tamper proof
7. High durability
8. Better fit between bits and screws

?Need thinner screw head
?Need miniature screws
?Worried about reaching max seating torque
?Worried about deforming the recess
?Worried about having enough material under the head
?Head Height from 0.2mm
?Nominal screw size from 0.6mm
?Reaching max torque consistently
?Durable recess design
?Assures strong thread engagement

We have its own technology to provide highly hard, tough, and precision bits.
According to customer needs, we provide specialized and small batch size products

Two types of design are 1) Line Head (LH) having the area of torque transmission on the outer circumference of a screw head and 2) Line Recess (LR) having the area of torque transmission in the recessed area of a screw head.

Our unique driving tool design is meeting the increased demand to improve efficiency and productivity from continuous miniaturization of electronic prodacts.

Introducing the New Revolutionized NO CAM-OUT cross recess. New recess design naming it the "QuaStix" to our LHSTIX series.

D-Bar is non-wire coaterbar which was developed by improving wire bar broadly used in film, paper, and glass industries. OSG's technology of manufacturing D-Bar has contributed to developing it.

Small diameter gavure roll. Any shape can be manufacutured to fit machine.

To confirm the color of gravure ink and the coating thickness. Free from premature wire cut or wire displacement because of Non-wire coater bar.

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